Please find any relevant software and fimrware downloads for Praktica products below. 

Luxmedia Z360

Hi 360 App - Android

Hi 360 App - iOS

v0.5600 Firmware - Right click and select "Save As...".

Note: Please only attempt the below update if you are having problems connecting with the Hi360 app.

1. On an empty MicroSD card, place the "FPUPDATE.dat" file into the root directory of the SD card.
2. Ensuring that the battery is over 50%, insert the SD card to the camera.
3. Power on your Z360 into dev mode by holding both the Power + Mode buttons. The screen will display a figure such "v1.02.00" along with a loading bar.
4. The update process will initiate shortly, and should be completed within a minute. The screen will display "Update OK" once completed.
5. Once this is complete, restart the device by pressing only the power button and reattempt to connect via the Hi360 app.